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Dan |
Hi all i recently joined the Medway Branch so im going to do the rounds to try and meet you all hopefully see you soon. Dan
24 July 2012 - Dover

Rick - Norsemen MCC |
Hi All
Best wishes for Rabbit Rally this year (nice poster Andy!). Hope to catch up with everyone at some point in the next few months,
14 March 2012 - 'Astins Tahn

Jim McManus |
Hi guys (and gals)
Stumbled on your website when I should be working.
Lots of old(er!) Faces I recognize, anybody remember me – Jim McManus?
Great to see you still going and I now actually own a Triumph, bought a 2011 Bonnie SE a couple of months ago. Living near Seattle in the good old USA (working at a Boeing plant) been over here 3 ˝ years but had sold my Bandit before moving and haven’t had time/money to replace it till now. Being a Brit over here I thought I should get a Triumph and got a pretty good deal on the bike. All I need now is some decent weather to ride it in – Washington State is not California.
Got a 7 year old son who is following in my footsteps – he broke his wrist on his mini bike last August. The wrist is nearly better but the bike is all repaired.
Keep up the good work.
Jim McManus
Puyallup, Washington, USA
6 January 2012 - Puyallup, Washington, USA

Uwe Absch |
Hello Eric, hello Rod!

Only a few days until Tridays 2011. Will we meet again in Newchurch?
Greetings from Germany
7 June 2011 - Germany

Rudolf Versol |
The Nulvet guys from Holland thanks the organisation of the Rabbit Rally for a nice stay,we hope to see you again at the Nulvet Rally,14,15 may 2011,just visit the webside from the Dutch Triumphcub for details.
13 July 2010 - the Netherlands

Uwe |
I would like to send a big HELLO to "Womanizer Eric" and to "Rockin' Rod" - the friendliest english ST riders. It was very nice to meet you in Newchurch.
I hope you are now back in England, healthy and without any problems.
I wish you had good days in Germany last week.
Hope to see u again in Newchurch next year.
8 July 2010 - Germany

peter |
Hello, i have a TT 600 and have just got back on it after 2 years off. Any chance i could tag along on any local runs?
Would be grateful.
2 July 2010 - Hurst green, East sussex

Webmaster comments   You sure can Peter, come over to our Rabbit Rally next weekend for Bands, Bikes, BBQ and Booooze, we also have a good ride out on Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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