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Andy |
Just want to say a big thank you to all the guys in the Rother club for a fantastic year. Rallies, ride outs, dinners and all the other social events through out the year and also big thanks to the Robin Hood for Rother Club Nights.
The Christmas dinner was great fun, food was really nice and the company was great (if there's any mess blame Tiny)
Thanks guys & roll on 2010
12 December 2009 - Rother land

Bug |
Just got my first Triumph - Street Triple R - one week late still got a stupid grin on my face!!!
1 September 2009 - Sussex

Webmaster comments   Hi Bug & welcome to the funny face clan :) you do know that you wont be able to get off it now

Derek en Be |
We had a pleasant sunny trip home after a wunderfull weekend back to the top off Holland. Thanks for your hospitality and a fine stay at The Robin Hood. Derek en Be
14 July 2009

Rother TOMCC |
A big thank you to all that attended the Rabbit Rally. Hope you got drunk and had a good time at the party tent.
Well done to the guys from Holland, hope you made it back ok and looking forward to seeing you all at next years big 30th anniversary bash.
Thanks again
Rother TOMCC

13 July 2009 - Rother Land

Andy |
When is the next planned meet at the Black Horse
10 June 2009

Webmaster comments   Hi Andy, no dates set yet for Black Horse but we have got an official club meeting at The Robin Hood on 17th June if you can make it.

Rick Rother TOMCC |
Oooerrr I see that we are booked for a run to the Bells on the 27th. Will I be the only one to put up the marquee for the Poker Run then? We said we would erect it that night.
6 May 2009 - Hastings

Webmaster comments   Hi chaps, Six Bells run out has now been moved a week forward and is now on 20th May

Hedgehog |
Hi all, good to meet up with you all for the woolpack run.
cheers Dave
30 April 2009 - Hastings

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