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Rother Rick |
Hi to all! Anyone got a good recommended supplier for chain and sprockets on 955i Speed Triple? Mine's gone slack/tight and methinks it's time to replace before the whole lot wraps itself round a delicate part of me anatomy, or even worse, me bike! All help appreciated.
30 April 2009 - Good ole Hastings Tahn!

Daniel Walchli |
Dear all,
I am planning to restore two Triumph Bonnevilles as a project over the next couple of years for private usage.
In Switzerland it is very difficult to find Bonnevilles as I am looking for. They should be at least 1971 or older. Of course the condition of the bikes do not need to be very good. They do not have to be ridable, but should be a good foundation to start with.
Is there any way you could maybe help me to find what I am looking for?
My kind regards,
15 April 2009 - Switzerland

Eddie. DJ Woody |
Hi just found your site, I got my bonnie in 07 (new) dont know any one locally, for ride out's And i run a mobile Disco. MUSIC & LIGHTS DISCO. could you use me at any time, and i would like to become a member of Black & White.
21 March 2009 - St Leonards Hastings

Webmaster comments   Hi Eddie, feel free pop along on a Wednesday for club night, you will be surprised at how many local Triumph Riders there are, you might even know one or two. P.S Colours are Black & Yellow :-) Ride safe & Keep it upright

Friend of MowerMan
Now we're officially a Triumph owner, thought I'd find out what MowerMan was getting so excited about! Web site looks godo - or even good. Will try & get over one Wednesday for a chat.
10 March 2009

Roy Shilling |
Good web site, guys. Interesting and easy on the eye.
24 February 2009 - TOMCC HQ

Rick - Hastings Rock and Rother TOMCC |
Hi all! Well done Andy for getting the Guest Book up and running and for registering a new domain name. Now all we need are a few guests!
24 February 2009 - Hastings, England

Airbrush Andy |
Hi everybody and welcome to the all new guestbook for Rother TOMCC. Feel free to test it out but do remember there are spam filters built into this to stop all the junk so it may take and hour or two for your message to show. Take it easy & keep it upright
23 February 2009 - Rother

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