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Welcome to Rother TOMCC, East Sussex
Black & Yellow

Branch Report
July 2018
(as seen in Nacelle)

Hi Folks,
Wednesday 2nd May we had our quarterly meeting at The Robin Hood, Sue the landlady was very pleased with the bunch of flowers and the Rother TOMCC plaque we had presented heras a thank you for the years of excellent hospitality the pub has given us.
Mike was pleased with the gift given to him on behalf of the club in recognition for his sterling work as our chairman over many years, as was Eric with his for being the club's treasurer again over many years. Richie in Emma's absence received a gift for her dedicated work as the Rabbit Rally coordinator for even more years than i can remember.

Wednesday 16th - first of our two British Bike Nights, we still had an excellent night with over 70 bikes on show. Thank you all that came, a good amount was raised for chosen charity for this year, The Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat. Thank you Sue and Liz for doing the BBQ, Debbie and Mandy for getting the jugs out again and doing the Teas and Coffees.

Wednesday 23rd May, 7 of us on the Long Way Round ride to The Robin Hood.

Wednesday 30th, 14 of us for the club night run to The Blackboys at Blackboys. Brian met us there, Chris had just flown in from America a couple of hours earlier and came along too.

Wednesday 27th June, club run to The Plough at Lower Beeding leaving Esso garage sharp 7pm.

Wednesday 4th July, Long Way Round run to The Robin Hood leaving Esso garage 7pm.

Rabbit Rally 13th/14th/15th July.
The Mowerman
Email - colin@rothertriumphmcc.co.uk


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